Waln Chest of Drawers
Waln Chest of Drawers
Waln Chest of Drawers
Waln Chest of Drawers
Waln Chest of Drawers

Waln Chest of Drawers

Waln Chest of Drawers

Waln Chest of Drawers is a perfect solution for small interiors. It is neat but spacious and does not need much space. We created it thinking about a RTV cabinet in a living room. However, there are many more possibilities of its application. For example, it can stand in a dining room, bedroom, children’s room or a hall. It is equipped with some modern solutions, such as the “push-to-open” door opening system. Its style refers directly to the design of the 1950s and 1960s . As you can see, tradition can go hand in hand with modernity.

  • Orzech amerykański
Tax included 55-65 workday


Waln Chest of Drawers – A retro-style small thing that pleases the eye

Retro Waln Chest of Drawers has been divided into two parts. Each of them contains a height-adjustable shelf. At the back of both niches there are cutouts for cables through which they can be led and discreetly hidden behind a cabinet. The retro furniture is made of wood covered with veneer, so its durability and solidity are undoubted.


The furniture is entirely made of wood covered with oak veneer. Our furniture is made of only natural materials, so individual models may differ in the arrangement of grain and color. Waln Chest of Drawers is finished with stain and varnish.


If you would like to have this piece of furniture at home but in a larger or smaller version, please contact us. We can custom-make it!


  • Width: 100/120/140 cm
  • Depth: 35 cm
  • Height: 55 cm

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