Pastform Furniture – handmade vintage furniture

Rooted in a good tradition

The Pastform Furniture studio dates back to the 1990s. Having in mind the idea of a traditional family company, Dawid Gełeta established a carpenter’s shop in 1997. The company specialized in manual production of utility furniture. Times have changed and with them fashion has changed. In 2016 we decided to change the direction, following the growing demand for vintage furniture.

My name is Mateusz Gełeta, I am the son of the carpenter who has founded the company. From an early age I have watched my dad’s work. He put his whole heart into creating furniture, polishing every detail with his strong hands and making sure that nothing escaped our attention before sending the product to the customer. He made sure that every piece of furniture was perfect and refined. We remain true to these principles.

Following the blow, I decided to create a harmonious combination of modern quality with the classic style of the 1960s. This is why I designed and created a unique collection of wonderful furniture, which, in addition to its well-thought-out functionality, also create a perfect design and compose original arrangements.

Golden age of interior design

In the 1960s interiors used to take on a very characteristic touch. All over the world this style was called a mid-century modern, locally it was simply – a retro furniture. Simple, elegant minimalistic form, without unnecessary decorations and splendor. Decorating with the idea of an uncomplicated composition, it allows for undisturbed selection of the arrangement accessories and emphasizes a high level of functional comfort. One might say – a perfect furniture. Comfortable, hiding surprisingly many items despite quite neat dimensions, made of noble species of wood and created by hand, with a focus on carefully refined details. No wonder its popularity is growing so much.

Unique, refined, with a soul

Each piece of the Pastform collection represents a unique style. Thoughtful concept of usable comfort, refined details, carefully selected raw materials and proven accessories. We use only high quality boards which we veneer with oak, American walnut and other durable wood species. They are carefully oiled with the best, hard, ecological oil waxes, giving the furniture its final shape. This technology brings out a natural beauty of wood, exposes the grain and unique design of each piece, highlights the beautiful color and allows to achieve timeless durability.

This is how unique, thoughtful and refined furniture with a soul is created.

Thinking about future

We are trying to positively create the world of which we are a part, contributing to a better tomorrow. We cooperate with local suppliers, support small companies and production plants, care for ecology and respect the needs of the land. We always strive to establish long-lasting, based on trust relationships with customers and contractors.

Flexibly, with openness and heart on hand

We sincerely like what we do. Playing with shape, structure and texture of wood is fascinating. Creating new arrangements and coming up with innovations that will meet your expectations. We are proud of our products and we are happy to present you our collection of refined furniture.

All our vintage furniture can be made on request – fulfilling the boldest dreams and fantasies. See our offer and if you want to know more, feel free to contact us. We are waiting for you!